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  5. dang you would only need like one sketchbook for your whole life

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    Troll Submarine, 36” x 12” black light Screen Print, 2014 - full frame and detail shots - by Killer Acid and Haven Press - for sale here

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  7. this is accurate. they often don’t even realize it’s extortion and will become appalled if you call them out on it as well.

    quantumcartography replied to your post “Im never showing people my work agiain they just want me to paint them…”

    People will extort the shit out of artists at a moments notice. You should talk to my sister about it.

  8. Im never showing people my work agiain they just want me to paint them and that is greedy and selfish


  9. okay like i’m sorry for all the text posts but i just kicked myself in the vag and ow


  10. i got my cat fresh filtered water in a cup and she still wants to drink my paint water she’s so dumb

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  12. omg my doctors receptionist was just so rude to me i don’t think i’ve ever been spoken to that way by an adult professional i’m going to have to write a letter

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  14. I’m painting max’s dog, hopefully it doesn’t come out shit

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